Important Steps


publication of the poetry collection "essenze" Ibiskos editions. Getting the price of Literary Café "Le  Giubbe Rosse" Florence

participation, as the only representative of Switzerland, to the first International Art Festival organized by the White Helmets Europe Foundation in cooperation with the Museum and Culture Foundation Ibrahim Hussein in Langkawi (Malaysia)


publication of the catalogue "TRACCE" SoloArte edition

invitation by the "Italian Cultural Institute" to exhibit in Beijing


personal exhibition of 24 works, including 5 major formats in Shakan Gallery in Lausanne


invitation by Adrien Maeght Gallery to realize the illustration in the form of original prints of the poem "Fever Access" Lina Lachgar (Collection "Duos" print on Arches paper, 120 copies signed by the artist the author)

engraving work with Arte Adrien Maeght studio in Montparnasse. Production of a series of etchings and aquatints, archived at the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul de Vence

Participation in the collective exhibition "Duo" at  Maeght Gallery in Paris

exhibition of several works in "New Area" of the Maeght Gallery in Barcelona


• execution of works on ancient kilims at the Arasta workshop in Istanbul:


2005- 2008

realization of steel sculptures in the workshop Bi - metal Sion


pictorial work of  r. p. inspired the birth of the musical group "Rosso Gitano" directed by Luca Ciarla (violin) and Marco Salcito (classical guitar), which prints the CD of the same name, the central track is a composition on the poem "rosso" rp

presentation of 53 works in the Gallery "Great Fountain" in Sion


presentation of 29 works, including sculptures of large dimensions, in the Gallery "Jacques Isoz" in Sierre



Invitation by the cantonal jury to participate at the expo FEMIN'ARTE in Sierre



Presentation "This is not a matchbox," steel sculpture and mixed media, expo Visarte Switzerland


engraving work with Arte Adrien Maeght studio in Montparnasse-Paris. Production of a series of etchings and aquatints, archived at the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul de Vence


octobre- novembre

October-November Personal exhibition "Traces" 40 works provided, including 5 mobile sculptures at Flon, in Lausanne,at the Gallery Nelly Eplattenier, event in the context of the Autumn Cultural Gala of the City of Lausanne



The diptych "Two blocks on lighted blue" (rp, 2001) is selected following the expo Spotlight on the heritage of the city of Sion, May-July 2011






The City of Sion, as part of its "Cultural Autumn", dedicated to the artist's the exhibition "White". The city's Gallery, "La Grenette" presents 31 works (including 3 steel sculptures) on the theme of white

  As part of the exhibition "40 years Visarte Valais", the gallery du Manoir Martigny has the great diptych "Staccato 1" (r p 2010)

  Publication of the catalog "White". soloArte editions

2014 The art historian, Dr Danielle Junod-Sugnaux, organize a monographic exhibition "Lieux de Matière". She treats the curation of important works by the artist in his gallery of Nyon.

From October to January 2016 exhibition of large formats in the lobby of the experimental Theatre "Interface" in Sion, in the context of his new creation "J'ai hâte d'aimer" (choreography . Géraldine Lonfat / music : André Pignat / text Francis Lalane).

From November to January 2016, Debiopharm Group in Lausanne presents the work of r p , with a particular highlight for the large format " Spreading Trace", acrylic on wood, 200 x 124 cm., 2015.



Atelier Rita Perraudin Pacifici, Petit-Chasseur 19 CH-1950 Sion Suisse

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